Genius Hour

Hello again! I have not been posting very often but I thought I should talk about
Term 3’s project…cropped-Genius-Hour-Logo11Yayyy! Read more ›

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In my classroom I like to use Showbie as a way to improve workflow between student and teacher. I upload instructions, content, .xpl files from Explain Everything (for example) and the students can access these in order to complete the tasks required.

Not only does it provide a way for me to distribute and collect work, it also enables me to give feedback instantaneously. I can annotate with text or the pen tool for simple feedback OR I can record my voice, pin it to the work and the students can listen to it as many times as required. I find this tool exceptional. Read more ›

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Apple Distinguished Educator – success!

So, as the title suggests, I was successful in my application into the Apple Distinguished Educators Class of 2015! This will be a quick entry today.

Being selected as an ADE is a huge honour and I feel privileged, and a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I suppose I have to let it sink in!

As I make my way through the new online community, and connect with more like-minded individuals, I am finding new ways to excel in the classroom. Many exciting weeks ahead.

My next step is to head to the initiation conference during the first week of August. Funding the trip over there is the next hurdle I need to make but I’m hopeful I will be able to attend. Without attendance at this conference, my selection will be deferred and I will need to apply in a subsequent year. Anyway, here’s hoping.

As I promised, this is a short entry. Becoming an ADE  will spur me on to contribute more to this blog, so keep an eye out.

Happy ANZAC Day.


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Hi guys! Long time no post, I know, but as you’re probably aware, the first few weeks of school are cray-zee!

What I’m going to post about today is a little something I call Tech10.

If we have 10-15min spare at the end of the day or the students have been working really hard and completed their work for the session, I provide them with 10 minutes. This 10 minutes is a learning 10 minutes. Read more ›

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2014 – Days Gone By

How’s it going!?

2014 is finished and I’m sitting here on my second day of holidays both reflecting and planning. I thought I should do a Year in Review type post with some struggles and triumphs. Enjoy!

Jeez. Where do I start? I suppose I should start with the old adage of “If you aren’t making mistakes, then you aren’t trying”, or however it goes.

This year has been a LOT of trial and error. Read more ›

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The Guilt of a Teacher

Many teachers will be excited to finish the year and have some well-deserved R&R, but they will also feel a little guilty. Below is a list of reasons why a teacher may feel guilty after the school year, and I’m sure there are many more. As a teacher, it is important to remember not to fall into a habit of blaming these things for burnout or shifting the blame. Own it, take time for yourself, and change (if need be).

  • When that little girl didn’t bring lunch but I had already eaten mine, so I brought an extra apple every day (just in case)
  • Not providing more before school tutoring
  • Raising my voice when my patience was tested
  • Not emailing the parents when his/her child did something fantastic
  • Asking one student to complete a task while another is trying to tell me a story
  • Focusing on that menial standardised testingby government
  • Perhaps not differentiating enough
  • Not getting to know each child a little more
  • Realising that as much as you tried, you can’t fix what happens at home Read more ›
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My iPad Apps – 2014

Hey! A quick post today.

In my first year as a 1:1 iPad teacher, I obviously researched the heck out of it! Over the course of the school year, I found that it is most important to keep your app list low and focus on those that have multiple uses. This reduces the possibility of a “crAPPlist” and an overfilled iPad.

Below is my main iPad apps for the year. Although these will probably stay the same over the course of next year, I have made it my 2014 list.

Apparently ThingLink won’t work with WordPress at the moment so… this image isn’t touchable 😒 Here is a link to the post instead My 2014 iPad Apps

Happy researching!



p.s. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is there because I’m addicted

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